samedi 9 juillet 2011

Cy Twombly : Graffiti as Art

This American artist has just died at the age of 83.

Not that I knew much about him but his interest in Italy touched a soft spot in me since I love Italy and at an oral exam that I failed, I had the topic of graffiti to discuss...Also like many of these Modern artists, you need to scratch the surface to understand the meaning of their work. I learnt that the Gugenheim museum in Bilbao has a series of painting by him, so I'll try to check them when I'm over there. One of them is shown below :

The painting above is in El Prado Museum, and the next is on one of the ceilings of the Louvres Museum, it looks less like a graffiti but has such a lovely blue colour :

In the Tate Modern, they have twenty-three, maybe one  will be on display when I go this summer...I'm dying to see some paintings at the moment...Strange how this taste came to me. :)

I really would like to go and see the Mac Val summer exhibition called Itinéraires bis, their permanent collection has a new theme : memory and fidelity. I'll try to go as well this summer :)

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