samedi 6 décembre 2014

Interesting 19th Century American Paintings

First a few paintings depicting African-Americans in the 19th century:

  • A Plantation Burial by John Antrobus (circa 1860). More details here.
  • A German Immigrant Inquiring His Way by  Charles Felix Blauvelt (1855). More details here

  • Slaves Waiting for a Sale, Richmond, Virginia by Eyre Crown, 1861
An analysis here

  • The Power of Music (or Music Hath Charms) by William Sidney Mount (1847)
An analysis

  •   Old Kentucky Home (Negro Life at the South), 1859 by Eastman Johnson.Details

Then some paintings evoking the Wild West:
  • My Bunkie by Charles Schreyvogel (1899). The soldier is saving one of his bunkmates who has lost his mount.
  • Barter for a Bride by John  Mix Stanley  (1854-1860)
Details here.


Charles Felix Blauvelt