vendredi 7 août 2015

Under Pressure : Three versions (and more).

This article has been ready for a long time, I had forgotten to publish it.
I like the original version very much with the vocals only, Freddie Mercury has such a voice!


And the final version (1981):

A variation, Bowie with Annie Lennox (1992):

More recently, it was included in the Minions soundtrack (2014).

I must confess I have a weakness for Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (1990).

People Get Ready : three versions (and more).

This song written by Curtis Mayfield in 1965 was inspired by the March on Washington and apart from a very positive message of faith and hope, it contains a very nice guitar riff.


I discovered it through Rod Stewart's unplugged version. His raspy voice has never left me unmoved. :)

Another Stewart's version exists with Jeff Beck, here in 2009.

To tell the truth, there are more than three fantastic performances.
Al Green's is great, isn't it ?
And there are women too:
Joss Stone's among the recent versions:

Aretha Franklin's is a classic, she takes her time to make the music resonate.  :)

 And men and women together here with the Staples Singers:

More on the context of the song.